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Carrie Scarlioli has an undeniable passion for advanced aesthetics, but is also an artist by nature and has a great interest in cosmetics. Having worked as a phlebotomist advanced nurse and becoming a cosmetic injector, Carrie is a co-owner of the Med group aesthetic training academy. The private clinic is set in celebrity Minnie's Boutique Brentwood, based in the heart of Essex offering a range of aesthetic and advance skincare treatments.  Her technique and style allows her to combine her extensive knowledge of aesthetics with her artistic cosmetic flair; this provides an unrivalled service from anywhere else in the city, which keeps her patients coming back time and time again.

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People will stare, make it worth their while


Glam Package:

3 Areas of Anti-wrinkle & 1ml Lip Filler

Dermal Filler Packages



60 minutes @ £380.00


60 minutes @ £480.00


30 minutes @ £580.00


30 minutes @ £680.00

Russian Lips 1ml  

30 minutes @ £180.00


Lip Enhancement 0.5ml 

30 minutes @ £120.00 

Lip Enhancement 1ml 

30 minutes @ £150.00 


Lip Enhancement 1.5ml 

30 minutes @ £230.00 


 1 hour @ £150.00 

Smokers Lines 

30 minutes @ £190.00


Marionette Lines 

60 minutes @ £170.00 

Nose to Mouth Lines

30 minutes @ £170.00 

Aesthetic Treatments

Download Rose Gold Metallic Texture Back
Download Rose Gold Metallic Texture Back


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How to Book

Select the book button and you will be granted instant access the treatment booking screen. Please select a time and date convenient for you and proceed to make a payment online. All payments require a £20 deposit (unless stated otherwise).

You will then need to fill out a short consultation form. Then proceed to payment options at the bottom of the consultation form. You will also receive a conformation email after the booking, then a text to remind you of the scheduled appointment

Marble Surface

Anti- Wrinkle Treatments


60 minutes @ £400.00

Nefertiti Neck Lift

 30 minutes @ £300.00

Line Reduction 1 AREA 

 15 minutes @ £65.00 

Line Reduction 2 AREA'S 

15 minutes @ £130.00 

Line Reduction 3 AREA'S 

15 minutes @ £195.00 


30 minutes from @ £50.00


 30 minutes @ £100.00


Semi Permanent



90 minutes @ £250.00

Combination Microblading

90 minutes @ £250.00

Eyeliner Tattoo

 60 minutes @ £180.00

Beauty Spot Tattoo

 60 minutes @ £150.00

Lip Line Tattoo

60 minutes @ £200.00

Lip Colour Tattoo

180 minutes @ £350.00

Aqualyx Fat Injections

Inner/Outer Thighs

30 minutes @ £200.00


60 minutes @ £200.00


 30 minutes @ £150.00

Bra Fat Area

 30 minutes @ £150.00


60 minutes @ £150.00

Vitamin C @ £40

Vitamin B @£40

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Pdo Threads

A cannula or fine needle is used to accurately place dissolvable PDO Threads gently into the skin layers.  The PDO Threads attach the skin back on to muscle, providing an instant 40% lifting effect. Over the next 3 months, the threads continue to tighten, enhancing the lifting effect to 100%.  


PDO Threads relax muscles and tendons while stimulating the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in the skin, creating a firm, youthful look.  


PDO Threads Facelift Procedure This treatment requires a single 45-60 minute session, depending on the specific treatment required and the number of Threads used.  Local anaesthetic numbing cream is applied to the treatment area. The PDO Thread is then introduced using a cannula or fine needle into the required area.  


Effects of PDO Threads Treatment The temporary side effects of the procedure should only last a few days and may include slight swelling, bruising and tenderness.  You will notice a difference immediately.

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Marble Surface

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